News & Reviews - This Terrible Beauty

I'm thrilled to share that This Terrible Beauty rose to the top of the kinde bestseller list in Historical Literary Fiction during its launch week.

This Terrible Beauty is one of Kate Quinn's favorite books of 2020.

This Terrible Beauty is chosen by SheReads as the #1 inspiring book to read during Women's History Month.

One of Parade's "best of" lists features This Terrible Beauty: 16 New Historical Fiction Books to Read

I talked with Marjan Kamali, author of The Stationary Shop, at The Boston Athenaeum about "Female Agency in Times of Turmoil." A far-ranging conversation about Iran, East Germany, love, power and healing.

Up now on LitHub! Mitzi Rapkin of First Draft: A Dialogue on Writing digs deep, and we really get into it: propaganda
, the agony of writing, why "love" is so hard to resist, and how hate can be awfully seductive.

Historical novelist Stephanie Storey interviewed me for her new YouTube show, Storey Time. We laughed. A lot.

A fabulous interview about setting, point of view and character on Dead Darlings  

Answers to five questions on frolic: "History is complicated, and there are stories that haven't been fully told yet."

Review of This Terrible Beauty on Book Reporter

Reviewed by AuthorLink Writers & Readers Magazine: "suspense seeps through each page..."

The Writer's Story, in which I talk about the origins of this book and the writer's life.

What am I reading? Marshal Zeringue, of Campaign for The American Readerfinds out here

Reading with Robin asks me about the story behind the story 

Talking with Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live, in which we discuss female agency and how the best "historical" fiction is of-the-moment.

Far-ranging discussion from Elisabeth Lenckos at the Historical Novel Society: "This Terrible Beauty is a wise and stirring contribution to the literary canon written about the German Democratic Republic that deserves to find as many enthusiastic readers as the bestselling books about World War II."

Heather Caliendo asks about inspiration and genre on Book Club Chat

Deep discussion about art and female power with Writers' Voices on YouTube.

Susan Wingate on Dialogue between the Lines asks me about my career and book genres.

Linda's Book Obsession reviews This Terrible Beauty: "a captivating, intriguing, intense and thought-provoking novel."

A candid interview with Bill Kenower on Author2Author in which I reveal the truth about my writing process.

The story behind the book on Hank Garner's podcast Author Stories.

This Terrible Beauty is featured in Book Club Chat's monthly newsletter

Suzy Approved Book Reviews features my book in Book Spotlight.

Must Read Fiction video in which we discuss hope, redemption and politics

An interview for Nightstand in The Tampa Bay Times in which I talk mostly about my next book 

SimplifyME gives This Terrible Beauty a thumbs up


The Forgotten Hours

THE FORGOTTEN HOURS makes #7 on the Washington Post Bestseller list, stays on the list for seven weeks!

Multiple weeks on the
Amazon Charts bestseller list, "Top 20 Most Sold Books in the US"

She Spun films, a Sarah Connors company, has optioned The Forgotten Hours for development into a limited series.

Is Fictionalizing Crimes Inherently Exploitative? A thought-provoking essay I wrote for 
CrimeReads (LitHub)

Aspen Public Radio host Mitzi Rapkin talks all things books with me (NPR).

Author Lynne Griffin interviews me on
Psychology Today: Adult Daughters and their Fathers: The Long Shadow of Trust

Jan 2, 2019 Guest post on 
Jane Friedman's blog
Your #1 Secret Weapon: Writing Communities

Listed by
Popsugar as one of Ten Books by Debut Authors to Watch! See here

Listed by
Book Riot as one of 50 Must-Read Books by Debut Authors, see here

Thematic complexities and writing realities: Kathy Aspden of the Cape Cod Writer's Center interviews me for the TV show,
Books & The World

Q & A on LA Review of Books Blog with author of Cape May, Chip Cheek: we really get into it here!

The Forgotten Hours makes
BookBub's Top 28 Hit Books This Year (So Far)

Thoughtful questions and MAJOR SPOILERS in this great interview with Jamie Pickett on his
Giant Panda Podcast

Fran Lewis interviews me on BlogTalk Radio for an hour: she really dug into this book!

Author Crystal King and I have a far-reaching conversation on

Book Q & As with Deborah Kalb features The Forgotten Hours 

On Brit + Co: 3 Gripping New Books About Family Crimes

Here I am talking about the book on Must Read Fiction

I'm featured on the Book Club Cook Book's February list (also here).

CrimeSpree Magazine interviewed me about The Forgotten Hours.

A Q & A by Heather Caliendo at Book Club Chat.

Heather reviews The Forgotten Hours on Book Club Chat, and poses some great book club questions here

The Forgotten Hours is one of
Liz & Lisa's Best Books of the Month for February.

A lively video author interview on
Writing Fun 

Hear my chat with Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live 

"Schumann’s debut novel brings a new perspective to sexual assault and how it affects families, with Katie’s story resonating with issues in today’s society. Flashbacks to the past are intertwined with the narrative, and the slow reveal of detail will leave readers wanting more. With a surprise twist, this work is sure to please. For fans of Jodi Picoult."
~ Library Journal 

The Forgotten Hours is in the Brooklyn Digest and

“…Schumann crafts a powerfully compelling story of family loyalties, teenage friendships, and the fickleness of memory. Timely and  provocative, this first novel will appeal to fans of Lianne Moriarty, Paula Hawkins, and Jenna Blum.”
~ Booklist

“Schumann's is a carefully-constructed novel that skillfully weaves past and present, slowly planting clues that help unlock the narrative's central mystery while ratcheting up tension...The fast-moving plot and compelling, layered characters make for an addictive and incredibly timely read. A page-turner that also speaks to broader questions of sexual abuse, family loyalty, and the mutability of memory.”
~ Kirkus Reviews 

“A riveting story…Schumann has an eye for detail, an ear for the rhythmical sentence, and a voice that is clear and resonant.”
~ New York Journal of Books

"The Forgotten Hours is a consummate and nuanced read about the nature of human relationships, the conflict of loyalties, and the evasive nature of truth."

Andrea Katz of Great Thoughts reveals the cover of THE FORGOTTEN HOURS
Oct 17, 2018