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“…Schumann crafts a powerfully compelling story of family loyalties, teenage friendships, and the fickleness of memory. Timely and  provocative, this first novel will appeal to fans of Lianne Moriarty, Paula Hawkins, and Jenna Blum.”
~ Booklist

“Schumann's is a carefully-constructed novel that skillfully weaves past and present, slowly planting clues that help unlock the narrative's central mystery while ratcheting up tension...The fast-moving plot and compelling, layered characters make for an addictive and incredibly timely read. A page-turner that also speaks to broader questions of sexual abuse, family loyalty, and the mutability of memory.”
~ Kirkus Reviews 

“A riveting story…Schumann has an eye for detail, an ear for the rhythmical sentence, and a voice that is clear and resonant.”
~ New York Journal of Books

"The Forgotten Hours is a consummate and nuanced read about the nature of human relationships, the conflict of loyalties, and the evasive nature of truth."
~ Authorlink.com

Andrea Katz of Great Thoughts reveals the cover of THE FORGOTTEN HOURS
Oct 17, 2018