The Secret Power of Middle Children
SKU: 978-0452297937

We all know the stereotype: middle children are wallflowers, overshadowed by their siblings and neglected by their parents, and they turn into resentful, bitter adults. But if that is true, why are so many middle children throughout history—from Abraham Lincoln and Madonna—wildly successful? This counterintuitive book combines science, history and real-life stories to reveal for the first time that our perception of middle children is dead wrong.
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Mothers Need Time Outs, Too
SKU: 9780071508070

Modern mothers are trying to be everything to everyone, and it’s not doing anyone any good. The battle is no longer working mothers vs. stay-at-home moms, feminists vs. traditionalists, or alpha moms vs. beta moms—the battle is inside us. Drawing on their own experiences and those of hundreds of women around the world, the authors bring to light a variety of helpful resources to create this innovative and easy-to-use guide.
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